Ground handling may be a generic term used often but JBS takes the extra step in making all the ground handling arrangements necessary to see to all the needs and challenges pertinent to every location. Our strategy of employing only indigenous staff to attend to our flights provides us with the awareness advantage of what to expect in every location and the precautionary measures that need to be taken in order to make sure your flight operates seamlessly. 

Ground handling is the service that caters the aircraft when it is not in the air instead during the period of its stay on the ground. In case airlines do not use their own equipment then there are companies, second to none is JET BUSINESS SOLUTIONS (JBS) that provides optimal solutions in UAE, Ethiopia and Iraq. 

Our company is the ground handling service provider who takes full responsibility for its client’s airliners between the times of its arrival at the terminal gate until it flies off to the next flight. To minimize the turnaround times, we provide our expert facilities with great accuracy and efficiency along with very good speed that gives better profits to the clients. 


The numerous ground handling services provided by us are as follows: 

a) Cabin service:

Passenger comfort is ensured by flawless cabin cleaning, replenishing onboard consumables and washables. 

b) Catering service:

Unloading of empty or unused food and replacing drink trolleys with the new trolleys with fresh food and drinks for the passengers and the crew. 

Cargo and Mail Services by JBS: Export cargo and mail documents are acceptance, its physical control and preparation to export, then to monitor the proper loading to the aircraft, custom transaction of export cargo, transference of incoming cargo to import warehouse and incoming mails, detecting disruption and if any, taking the required actions for imported cargo and mail, finishing custom clearance of the imported cargo and preparing its delivery, notification to recipients and transfer.

c) Apron service:

We provide an area for the aircraft to be parked, loading-unloading, refueling, and boarding. 

d) Passenger service:

This includes the service given inside the airport terminal: 

i).   Check-in counter for the departing passengers with the client airlines. 

ii).  Gate arrival and departure service: Agents are assigned for the arriving flights, boarding of passengers and closing of the flight afterward. 

iii). Sufficient staffing at transfer counters, customer service counters, and airline lounges is the key to passenger convenience. 

e) Load Control, Communications and Flight Operation Services: 

Coordinating aircraft servicing units, preparing and distribution of flight documents, load control, weight and balance calculations, transmitting and receiving all operational messages, notifying all related units, communicating and coordinating between aircraft and ground services. Flight permission and airport slot applications, preparing and distributing flight plan to the cabin crew, coordinating with fuel and aircraft catering companies, preparing weather forecasts and navigation information and distributing to the cabin crew. 

f) Representation and Supervision:

Payments and/or issuing guarantees on the airline’s behalf to related institutions like terminal operators, airport authorities, customs, etc. against all services provided contracts; establish and maintain contact with local authorities for the Airline Company, preparation, transmission and filing of reports, documents, statistics, etc related to flights.

JBS is the leading aviation service provider and we have the expertise with all advanced equipment. We are 24*7 accessible for ground handling solutions to our client’s reach. JBS offers the maximum flexibility, comfort, and privacy.