• Aviation security

    4 Reasons why security is the biggest concern in Aviation Industry

    Aviation industry is one of the constantly growing industries in the world. As the global economy is getting more and more connected, the aviation industry is rated as the fastest means of transport. As the economies of nations are progressing more and more population prefers travelling by air as this saves them time too. Aviation […]

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  • Flight Planning Company

    Things to Consider before hiring a Flight Planning Company

    With so many flight planning companies in the market it is really difficult to choose which one is the best. There are many things one needs to consider before hiring a flight planning company, so that you can travel without any fears. The best flight planning company is one that provides you with a global […]

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  • Aviation festival Singapore 2018

    Aviation Festival Asia 2018 Singapore

    Aviation festival Asia is a 2-day event which will host 2,000 attendees, 1000 airlines and airport representatives. Being held on 27th February to 28th February 2018, this event will take place at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre in Singapore. This festival provides a platform for making contacts with new customers and ultimately generates […]

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  • Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2018

    Everything you need to know about Abu Dhabi Air Expo 2018

    International experts and decision makers from the aviation industry have all been vying for the upcoming first Global Aviation and Aerospace Week (ADAAW) 2018. The service providers in the aviation industry and aerospace industry are all awaiting to know what’s in store in Abu Dhabi’s calendar of events 2018. Leading Abu Dhabi-based entities that have […]

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  • Commercial aviation operators

    Know what goes into planning a flight by JBS before initiating a trip

    Are you a commercial pilot? Are you looking forward to planning out your flight? Then JBS could just be the right Commercial aviation operators that you have really been looking for because JBS is the best aviation service provider all around the globe. If you want to experience and learn from the best then choose […]

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  • Airport operations

    Why Jet Business Solutions is the place to go for all aviation needs?

    Jet Business Solutions (JBS) is a pick of the bunch out of all the service providers in almost all the aviation needs of its clients in trip support. Flight support includes flight planning, ground handling, fuel, and permits. JBS is well experienced and has become specialized in this field. We can reach even the remote […]

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  • Business Flight Operations to Ethiopia

    Operating Your Business Flight to Ethiopia

    Today each and every person measure time with money and if they lack behind they can lose a lot. For saving the time and the strain of the customers, JBS has come with the idea of booking the facilities on the behalf of their clients, by keeping in mind the other related services too. Services […]

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  • aviation service provider

    Uninterrupted & reliable global Aviation Service provider

    Due to the fast running business environment generally, the men wants to rely on those aviation services that will lead him or help him to lead at the place where he is required to be as earliest and as easiest as possible. For this, the owner of the aircrafts and the operators want to select […]

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  • Iraq reopens overflight

    Iraq Airspace to re-open for overflights

    ORBB/Baghdad FIR Overflights of Iraq may be allowed to restart within the upcoming week, permitting international carriers entrance once again to numerous formerly heavily used ways through the eastern side of the Baghdad FIR. Further, the report mentioned that in May 2017, SFAR 77 forbidden the US operators to operate inside Iraqi airspace but it […]

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  • Fight planning by JBS

    Plan Your Flight Efficiently with JBS

    JBS is an aviation service provider and it has the potential to fulfill almost all of the aviation requirements of its clients including Flight planning, refueling, travels and transports to and from the airport etc.   The following is a summary of what you need to know: Flight plans to file A unique operating requirement […]

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