Visa, Customs
and Immigration


Procedures and requirements for clearing customs, immigration, and quarantine (CIQ) vary across the world. Lack of knowledge and preparation can put the mission in jeopardy and cause severe consequences for the crew members, including immediate deportation.

Some airports of entry have 24/7 customs, immigration, and quarantine availability, while others have specific CIQ operating hours or may be only upon request, which may impact your flight schedule. There are also airports with simplified procedures where CIQ clearance forms may be submitted in advance to expedite clearance process on arrival.

Our experts work with local authorities to provide you with guidance regarding lead time and overtime availability for CIQ arrangements for your destination and tech stop locations. We will assist you with documentation for clearance and required visas and we will confirm whether they may be obtained on arrival or must be arranged prior to the trip to ensure stress-free experience for your crew and passengers.