Optimum route, minimised cost

At JBS flight planning services are designed to get you to your destination safe and in the fastest time possible, while ensuring financial efficiency. We take into consideration weather, aircraft performance and payload, route options and flight levels, fuel consumption and operational cost. To ensure safety and feasibility of the operation, we check political situation of the destination, the airport’s restrictions and suitability for aircraft type, physical equipment constraints, customs and immigration requirements and we confirm that all the en-route permits can be secured on time.

Whether you require a long distance, multi-stop freight transport or a passenger, domestic flight, our experienced flight dispatchers will assist you with operations to any destination worldwide, providing you with:

  • Optimised route with the maximum fuel efficiency and the lowest operational cost
  • Real-time weather reports and NOTAM briefing
  • Airport slots and parking arrangements
  • Confirmed availability of all the required ground handling equipment and manpower
  • Cost estimation for all the en-route and ground fees including: permits, navigation and airport charges, ground handling, fuel, catering, hotel and transportation.