Why Jet Business Solutions is the
place to go for all aviation needs?

Published on : 8 February 2018
Author : Admin

Jet Business Solutions (JBS) is a pick of the bunch out of all the service providers in almost all the aviation needs of its clients in trip support. Flight support includes flight planning, ground handling, fuel, and permits. JBS is well experienced and has become specialized in this field. We can reach even the remote and rarely visited places. Our clientele is from NGO, government, civilians, and military who are fully satisfied with our services. This all has been possible because of the copiously engaged committed staff at all locations for various services.

JBS provides entire flight support to each and every flight of the client in a considerably perfect way by establishing profound coordination with the fixed-base operator (FBO) resources. This is an efficient professionalism which leads to well managed smooth and safe flights, and customs pre-clearance.

The services provided by us are- Fuelling jets, Ground handling, Flight planning, and Permits.

Fueling: We are very well coordinated with FBO staff so JBS satiates its clients as it provides uninterrupted aviation services like fueling, ground handling, aircraft rental and maintenance, tie-down and parking, flight instructions etc.

JBS uses NOTAM and AIREC data for client briefing about the packages, any changes and customized packages in a convenient form. Methodical flight planning is done considering route, destination, fuel, safety etc.

Overflight and Landing Permits: Landing permission is one of the major reasons which delays the flight, but not to worry about it, if JBS is the service provider. We ensure clearance and permits according to the latest procedural clauses related to the passenger flights, air-ambulance, private jets, or any other.

Ground handling: We are excelling in the services provided in the cabin, catering, passenger, apron, etc. With our competent staff at every location, we provide continual counter check-in, gate arrival, departure and other convenience services. Proper communication is always set-up with the ATS workers for safe and well-informed flights without any surprises in between related to the routes and stops and any other. We ensure proper and steady services of parking of the aircraft, loading-unloading of food and other stuff, refuelling and boarding.

Flight Planning: Coherent plan leads to cost-effective and safe flights with JBS. We take care of the critical aspects such as fuel calculation and coordination with air traffic control. We calculate the minimum fuel to be utilized in one trip to the destination after considering all the possible circumstances. Synchronized ATS communication is to avoid mid-air mis-happenings. Along with all these services we also keep a track of the weight of the aircraft at different times.

Jet Business Solutions provides all the eminent services to its clients unceasingly, but this does not mean that we are costlier; rather we are most cost-efficient and safe service providers to fly with. This makes us the best in the field of flying. So, come and enjoy the 24*7 and amazingly secure, trouble-free and hospitable services in travel and transportation. So, what are you waiting for, click here and Initiate your trip right now !!