Things to Consider before hiring
a Flight Planning Company

Published on : 8 March 2018
Author : Admin

With so many flight planning companies in the market it is really difficult to choose which one is the best. There are many things one needs to consider before hiring a flight planning company, so that you can travel without any fears. The best flight planning company is one that provides you with a global trip support like JBS.

What is flight planning?

Flight planning is basically planning, understanding and mapping out all the norms, resources and routes for a flight. Flying is nothing like driving a car, hence one need’s to be completely equipped and be acquainted with all the routes. It is very much essential that all the flights are well structured and have an organized flight plan in place which will maximize the security of those on board the flight.

Here are few things one should consider before hiring a flight planning company:

  • First, one needs to ensure, if the flight planning company has its own set of trained flight dispatchers and trip planners who can quickly put together the best routes and flight plans.

  • An aircraft becomes unnecessarily heavy if it carries more fuel that required. Hence, flight planners have to calculate the approximate amount of fuel that needs to be carried during a flight and prepare an optimized flight plan that not only decreases the cost of fuel but also provides you with the best route possible.

  • The wind is a very critical element when it comes to a landing, take off and altitudes that you fly in between. This in turn effects the duration of the flight as well as fuel consumption. Hence, choose a flight planning company that gives you an updated weather report as well as NOTAM’S briefing for your entire flight route.

  • Provides you with an ETP i.e. Equal Time Point scenario for every flight.

  • Has the correct over flight as well as landing permits in place.

  • Provides with the best Reserve fuel policy for all the kinds of aircrafts.

  • Has the right kind of ground handling support.

  • Provides appropriate ground transportation and hotel arrangements.

  • Has an appropriate and well structured slot for every arrival, departure and parking.

  • Factors such as Fuel consumption, wind, altitude, speed etc are all interconnected to each other. Flight planners need to take all these factors into consideration and check which combination of these factors will create the best route as well as calculate alternative routes to create an efficient flight plan.

Therefore, one needs to keep in mind all these factors before hiring a flight planning company.