Plan Your Flight Efficiently
with JBS

Published on : 19 August 2016
Author : Admin

JBS is an aviation service provider and it has the potential to fulfill almost all of the aviation requirements of its clients including Flight planning, refueling, travels and transports to and from the airport etc.

The following is a summary of what you need to know:

1.Flight plans to file

A unique operating requirement is required for every trip, the pilot in command (PIC) must individually go to the airport office to sign the flight plan. The airport office then notifies air traffic control (ATC) of the listed departure. If an improvement is needed to a validated flight plan, it’s important for the PIC to once again individually visit the airport office to file the revision. Be knowledgeable that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) does not acknowledge any flight to fly directly to non-airports of entry.

2.Pre-trip planning

Once your landing permit has been accepted by CAA, and a clearance number provided, ATC acknowledges the flight, and you’ll be presumed at a given date/time. After CAA allows a landing permit, ATC will be able to observe this on their record of aircraft permitted to land during a given span of time. Be mindful, however, that the crew must report the permit number to ATC before landing.

3.Deviation from flight plans

From our experience, ATC tolerates a lag of up to approximately one hour from departing time on filed flight plans. If your schedule is delayed ATC usually requires the PIC to sign individually and file a new flight plan, but with JBS can handle this for you.

4.Flight Planning

With hundreds of various flight plan formats accessible, we can tailor the system to satisfy your needs; we can arrange ATC flight plans worldwide, and monitor consequent slots to decrease ground delays.

Our Complete Flight Plan Package introduces as standard a full computerized flight plan. Our teams of professional at JBS are certified dispatchers who love to deliver the best to their customers. You can contact us anytime. We are available 24/7 and 367 days. Over the two decades of our presence, we have expanded our reach to a wide network of airports.

Associated flight planning tools – services include:

  • JBS planning includes drift down analysis within the computerized flight plan.
  • Detailed overflight price analysis service so you can estimate / pre-plan accordingly.
  • Route analysis based on average monthly winds.
  • Significant weather brief.
  • Executions and airport analysis.
  • Flow management and airport slots follow-up.
  • EN route, Arrival & Departure Charts.