Having Issues With Your Outstanding
Saudi Navigation Charges??

Published on : 2 August 2016
Author : Admin

The constantly changing civil aviation regulations, permit issuance fees, and billing systems being introduced in many countries around the globe have posed many challenges to operators. Recent changes in the Saudi General Authority of Civil Aviation’s (GACA) systems have suspended numerous aircraft registrations from operating over and into Saudi due to unpaid navigational fees or airport fees. The majority of the time the operators of aircraft registrations concerned are not aware of this issue only to find out at the last minute before their operation that their permit to overfly or land in Saudi Arabia is at stake. If you are an operator that has operated to Saudi Arabia in the past it is highly recommended to see that any outstanding navigation fees are settled and your aircraft registration(s) are released in the GACA system in order to avoid any last minute obstacles to your operations. For more information and assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact Jet Business Solutions (JBS) by email:ops@jbs.aero