About Us

At JBS we are committed to providing our clientele with exceptional service and value. With more than twenty years of experience in aviation support, we understand the challenges associated with air operations, affected by constantly changing regulations and unforeseen events. Particularly flights to new, remote locations involve more complex preparation and coordination with local assistance. To make such missions successful, our team is always one step ahead, anticipating potential obstacles and quickly adapting to whatever challenge may arise. Over the years we have developed a strong network of vetted partners, who set the same standards of service that we do and are equally committed to operating with honesty and integrity.

Our attention to detail, hard work and expertise make us a trusted provider for multiple air operators across the globe.

Dedicated to delivering outstanding flight support services


From obtaining your next landing permission to all on-ground arrangements, our staff work together around the clock to ensure your smooth operations.
We can find solutions to the most challenging missions, saving you time, money and stress.

We provide:

  • Tailored, cost-effective worldwide trip support services 24/7
  • Assistance with obtaining all required permits, thanks to our strong relationship with civil aviation authorities
  • Reliable and licensed vendors
  • Competitive fuel prices
  • Worldwide operations, including remote and austere locations
  • Multilingual team of highly skilled and dedicated aviation experts


JBS culture is dynamic, fast paced and has a friendly team environment with like-minded, dedicated and passionate for aviation individuals. We believe that our staff are our greatest asset and we aim to attract, engage and retain talented individuals to help develop their potential.

If you feel you have the drive and expertise to contribute to our team, please apply for one of our current employment opportunities or submit your expression of interest to join JBS.