Latest Flight Operations Updates


In 2017, they changed the name of UACC/Astana airport to Nursultan, in honour of the old president of Kazakhstan. Then in March 2019, they changed the name of the city itself too. Now they have renamed the entire UACC/Astana FIR as UACN/Nursaltan FIR. So the FIR code is now UACN, and the airport code is still UACC. Make sure you send your flights plans to the new AFTN address UACNZRZX instead of the old UACCZRZX address.


It’s not showing on the Notams yet, but night closures are planned on Mo/Tu/We/Th nights between 22-05L (20-03z) for two weeks: 29 JUL to 2 AUG, and 5-9 AUG. During these closures, nearby airport LFPT/Pontoise will stay open H24 for emergency diverts and medevac flights.


The start date for the extended US CBP pre-clearance hours will be 17 JUN. The current hours for this service are 09-17L daily, but the new setup will extend these to include 08-21L.


There were violent protests at MHTG airport on 30 MAY, where clashes between protestors and police forced travellers and airport workers to evacuate onto the runway to avoid the confrontation. Several flights were diverted. If you’re headed to MHTG over the next few weeks, double-check with your handler what the situation is at the airport.


The airport’s main runway, RWY 06/24, is closed for repairs until 2 JUL. That just leaves RWY 18R/36L, which remains open and operational throughout, but it’s only 4146ft long!


The Copa America soccer tournament will be happening from 14 JUN to 7 JUL at five cities in Brazil: Sao Paulo (SBSP, SBGR, SBMT), Rio De Janeiro (SBGL, SBRJ, SBJR), Belo Horizonte (SBBH, SBCF), Porto Alegre (SBPA), and Salvador (SBSV). There will be new slot and PPR requirements at all these airports, and each will have its own days and times where these will be required. Stay tuned to Notams and ask your handler about it.


The airport will be closed from 12-31 AUG for runway reconstruction. If you want to go to Lapland during this time, head for EFRO/Rovaniemi instead.


The airport chart doesn’t accurately show the current apron/taxiway setup. There are several disused aprons north of the runway and there are now two apron exit/entry points (chart only shows one).