Latest Flight Operations Updates


Until 20 JUN, the runway and taxi exit signs have been removed due to works. Double-check to confirm which exit you are taking.


The airport chart doesn’t accurately show the current apron/taxiway setup. There are several disused aprons north of the runway and there are now two apron exit/entry points (chart only shows one).


The airport is introducing Low Visibility Procedures from 30 May. Refer SUP 60/2019.


All operators to Portugal need an EORI number (Economic Operator Registration and Identification). Doesn’t matter if you’re flying private, commercial, not carrying any cargo, not importing anything, etc - if you’re going to Portugal, you need one. EU operators should apply in their home country, non-EU operators should apply to the authorities in Portugal - it’s an easy process, apply here:


Local authorities are saying that normal operations have now resumed at Honduras’ main airport, following clashes earlier today between protestors and police at the airport. Travellers and airport workers were forced to evacuate to the runway to avoid the confrontation, and several flights were diverted.


The runway is due to open shortly (1600z), after having been closed for the past few hours due to an aircraft which was blocking the runway.


There’s been an eruption at Sicily’s Etna volcano today. Ash clouds reported up to FL130. Some SIDs/STARs may not be available at LICC/Catania and LICR/Calabria airports. Ops at LICB/Comiso airport so far unaffected.


Prague has issued a Notam saying low fuel stocks are expected until 12 JUN. Double-check with your fuel provider to see how much you will be able to uplift.