Latest Flight Operations Updates


Daily closures planned for runway repairs. From Sep 17-30, the runway will be closed on weekdays from 7am-7pm, but will stay open overnight and all day at weekends.


From October, holding Speeds in Canada will be changed to match the US - specifically, 200 knots at/below 6000, 230 KIAS 6-14,000, and 265 above 14,000.


When Rwy 34L is in use for landings, make sure you plan to vacate right on Taxiway B3 or B5. B4 rapid exit taxiway is closed until the end of Oct.


There’s a worldwide fuel scare again - and we’re going to summarise this as simply as we can. Last week, a Falcon 900 departing an FBO in Florida requested Prist - which prevents fuel freezing at altitude - to be added. However, the Prist container on the fuel truck had been filled, in error, with a different fluid - Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The two fluids look the same - no coloring in either, clear liquid. DEF has catastrophic consequences for aircraft engines. In this case, 1 engine failed on departure, and the 2nd failed during the subsequent emergency landing. Similar events happened in Omaha in 2017, and we have more reports from OpsGroup members in Brazil. An FAA Special Airworthiness Bulletin is being worked on. There is no easy fix, but crews should be aware of the risk, and read more on this topic.


The airport’s runway will be closed for repair every Wednesday from 1430-1700 local time (0900-1130z), until the end of Oct. Local handlers have said they expect strict slot restrictions and apron congestion from 12-19 local time on Wednesdays.


The airport has said that flight operations are not expected to be affected by the visit of Pope Francis to Ireland on Aug 25-26. The West Apron will be sectioned off, but other than that there are no related restrictions for GA/BA traffic.


Hawaii has been hit by flooding and landslides as Hurricane Lane approaches from the south. All the major airlines have cancelled flights. The path of the hurricane remains uncertain, but the latest forecast shows the eye of the storm twisting west of the Big Island today before glancing past Maui and several other islands on its way to Oahu tomorrow.


There have been some rumours locally that fuel might not be assured for every flight into Caracas over the next few days. All the major fuel suppliers have confirmed that no restrictions currently exist, but best double-check before operating.