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4 Reasons why security is the biggest
concern in Aviation Industry

Aviation industry is one of the constantly growing industries in the world. As the global economy is getting more and more connected, the aviation industry is rated as the fastest means of transport. As the economies of nations are progressing more and more population prefers travelling by air as this saves them time too. Aviation industry plays an important role in nation’s progress. It facilitates tourism, provides employment to the citizens, which contributes to the economic growth, especially in the developing nations.

The global aviation industry is being relied upon heavily and the demand will only keep growing in the years to come. Experts have predicted that the demand for the aviation industry will double over the next 20 years. As a matter of fact, security has and always will be a matter of concern for the aviation industry as a whole. The aviation industry is the only one which gets dragged to the frontline of global security from terrorist attacks to geopolitical posturing.

Let us discuss what types of security threats does the aviation industry face:

1. Cyber Security: The information and data system of the aviation industry is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and hacking. The technological world is advancing at a fast pace and so are the threats. With the modernization of technologies, the aviation industry is getting more and more system based. From reservations to data storage all the operations are becoming more and more system dependent. Cyber-attacks impact the safety of an aircraft to bringing the operational activities to a complete standstill. Appropriate cyber security measures are needed to safeguard the aviation industry.

2. Terrorist Attacks/ Suicide bombers: Terror organizations today, are a threat not only to the aviation sector but to the humanity on the whole. Such organizations train and plant people in the aircraft which poses as security threat to 100s of life on the aircraft.

3. Conflict zones: An aircraft flying over a conflict zone is too risky. Coming in close proximity with such areas puts the aircraft at the risk of becoming a target of missile etc.

4. Airport Security: Airport security/Ground threat as it may be addressed comes from an insider. When a coworker, ex-employee or such members working closely with the industry leak out some confidential information to unwanted groups, there are high chances of security threat arising.

Finding solutions before the arrival of any problem proactively is the only means of staying protected. Training the employees effectively and setting high security standards should be the aim of the aviation industry. Click here for more posts by Jet Business Solutions.

Things to Consider before hiring
a Flight Planning Company

With so many flight planning companies in the market it is really difficult to choose which one is the best. There are many things one needs to consider before hiring a flight planning company, so that you can travel without any fears. The best flight planning company is one that provides you with a global trip support like JBS.

What is flight planning?

Flight planning is basically planning, understanding and mapping out all the norms, resources and routes for a flight. Flying is nothing like driving a car, hence one need’s to be completely equipped and be acquainted with all the routes. It is very much essential that all the flights are well structured and have an organized flight plan in place which will maximize the security of those on board the flight.

Here are few things one should consider before hiring a flight planning company:

  • First, one needs to ensure, if the flight planning company has its own set of trained flight dispatchers and trip planners who can quickly put together the best routes and flight plans.
  • An aircraft becomes unnecessarily heavy if it carries more fuel that required. Hence, flight planners have to calculate the approximate amount of fuel that needs to be carried during a flight and prepare an optimized flight plan that not only decreases the cost of fuel but also provides you with the best route possible.
  • The wind is a very critical element when it comes to a landing, take off and altitudes that you fly in between. This in turn effects the duration of the flight as well as fuel consumption. Hence, choose a flight planning company that gives you an updated weather report as well as NOTAM’S briefing for your entire flight route.
  • Provides you with an ETP i.e. Equal Time Point scenario for every flight.
  • Has the correct over flight as well as landing permits in place.
  • Provides with the best Reserve fuel policy for all the kinds of aircrafts.
  • Has the right kind of ground handling support.
  • Provides appropriate ground transportation and hotel arrangements.
  • Has an appropriate and well structured slot for every arrival, departure and parking.
  • Factors such as Fuel consumption, wind, altitude, speed etc are all interconnected to each other. Flight planners need to take all these factors into consideration and check which combination of these factors will create the best route as well as calculate alternative routes to create an efficient flight plan.

Therefore, one needs to keep in mind all these factors before hiring a flight planning company.

Know what goes into planning a flight
by JBS before initiating a trip

Are you a commercial pilot? Are you looking forward to planning out your flight? Then JBS could just be the right Commercial aviation operators that you have really been looking for because JBS is the best aviation service provider all around the globe. If you want to experience and learn from the best then choose JBS since it is a leading Global trip support services provider, offering clients end-to-end flight support solutions including flight planning and ground handling.

The first step that needs to be taken towards flying any aircraft is flight planning. What JBS does is that it makes your operation as safe and efficient as possible by providing you with the optimal routings with the best locations for fuel stops. Considering all the factors involved JBS analyzes the adequacy of each airport to ensure your aircraft can safely operate in and out of the airport. Additionally, JBS provides a customizable flight planning, formats and packages for any crew around the globe according to their requirements and convenience.

JBS is the best flight planning company that creates an effective plan for client’s aircraft.

  • JBS has two safety and critical aspects for their aircraft flights:
    1. Fuel calculation
    2. Compliance with the air traffic control

Let’s, get the clear view of their explication.

It may sound obvious, but you need fuel to fly an aircraft from one place to another. JBS figures out the minimum amount of fuel required for a single trip. For this, they properly analyze the weather forecast since it causes effects on the head or tailwinds and air temperature which is also a key factor in the fuel calculations while providing the best route, speed, height, and load of the aircraft.

While noticeable all around, the aircraft needs help from the air traffic control to take the airways and flight levels to limit the danger of mid-air collisions. While flying over the regions like oceans, seas, deserts or the territories without any airport require more air traffic control vigilance.

Since an aircraft have different names according to the weight, JBS has got all covered 1. Payload: The total weight of the passengers, luggage, and cargo. 2. Operating empty weight: it is the weight of the aircraft which is ready to take off without any payload and includes only crew. 3. Zero fuel weight/Laden weight: It is the total weight of operating empty weight without any unstable fuel. 4. Ramp weight: it is the weight of an aircraft ready for departure from the airport. 5. Brake release weight: it is the weight of the aircraft on a runway just before the break release for take-off. 6. Take-off weight: it is the weight of the aircraft on the runway take-off. 7. Landing weight: Aircraft weight while landing on the runway.

Why choose JBS?

1. JBS is a standout amongst other flight planning companies that offers a line-up of flight planning applications that are utilized to provide specific and strong flight plans.

2. JBS streamline the usefulness, route, height, speed and time all the while by dissecting the information to make an ideal flight way that keeps a journal for fuel costs, postponements and carbon dioxide emissions.

3. JBS provides flawless and unrivalled flight planning services by choosing a suitable route, speed, height and minimal amount of fuel necessary for the aircraft with the necessary help of various teams of efficient people to work in different areas.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to initiate your trip and let the JBS do everything for you.

Why Jet Business Solutions is the
place to go for all aviation needs?

Jet Business Solutions (JBS) is a pick of the bunch out of all the service providers in almost all the aviation needs of its clients in trip support. Flight support includes flight planning, ground handling, fuel, and permits. JBS is well experienced and has become specialized in this field. We can reach even the remote and rarely visited places. Our clientele is from NGO, government, civilians, and military who are fully satisfied with our services. This all has been possible because of the copiously engaged committed staff at all locations for various services.

JBS provides entire flight support to each and every flight of the client in a considerably perfect way by establishing profound coordination with the fixed-base operator (FBO) resources. This is an efficient professionalism which leads to well managed smooth and safe flights, and customs pre-clearance.

The services provided by us are- Fuelling jets, Ground handling, Flight planning, and Permits.

Fueling: We are very well coordinated with FBO staff so JBS satiates its clients as it provides uninterrupted aviation services like fueling, ground handling, aircraft rental and maintenance, tie-down and parking, flight instructions etc.

JBS uses NOTAM and AIREC data for client briefing about the packages, any changes and customized packages in a convenient form. Methodical flight planning is done considering route, destination, fuel, safety etc.

Overflight and Landing Permits: Landing permission is one of the major reasons which delays the flight, but not to worry about it, if JBS is the service provider. We ensure clearance and permits according to the latest procedural clauses related to the passenger flights, air-ambulance, private jets, or any other.

Ground handling: We are excelling in the services provided in the cabin, catering, passenger, apron, etc. With our competent staff at every location, we provide continual counter check-in, gate arrival, departure and other convenience services. Proper communication is always set-up with the ATS workers for safe and well-informed flights without any surprises in between related to the routes and stops and any other. We ensure proper and steady services of parking of the aircraft, loading-unloading of food and other stuff, refuelling and boarding.

Flight Planning: Coherent plan leads to cost-effective and safe flights with JBS. We take care of the critical aspects such as fuel calculation and coordination with air traffic control. We calculate the minimum fuel to be utilized in one trip to the destination after considering all the possible circumstances. Synchronized ATS communication is to avoid mid-air mis-happenings. Along with all these services we also keep a track of the weight of the aircraft at different times.

Jet Business Solutions provides all the eminent services to its clients unceasingly, but this does not mean that we are costlier; rather we are most cost-efficient and safe service providers to fly with. This makes us the best in the field of flying. So, come and enjoy the 24*7 and amazingly secure, trouble-free and hospitable services in travel and transportation. So, what are you waiting for, click here and Initiate your trip right now !!

Operating Your Business Flight
to Ethiopia

Today each and every person measure time with money and if they lack behind they can lose a lot. For saving the time and the strain of the customers, JBS has come with the idea of booking the facilities on the behalf of their clients, by keeping in mind the other related services too.

Services offered

Our partners are available all over the world, which are helping the small scale industries as well as the individuals to migrate their business to the international countries. Our website provides the commercial as well as the private jet aviation services to the partners as well as the clients who are traveling abroad for setting up their sectors as well as their running business.

Apart from the aviation booking services our website provide the complete travel and transportation services like hotel booking services, reservation of the rooms for the clients. They also provide the transportation services also like pick and drop of their clients from the airport to reserved hotels and from hotel to other business places.

Are they fully secured?

JBS solution provides the security services to their clients. They provide the insurance services to the clients who are traveling by air and they provide security services to their business partners also in hotels and in other amenities too.

Security is the major concern of each and every people and if, one is providing the assurance of getting they secured and safe than they are gaining the loyalty of their customers.

Where are we operating?

Most of the operations and the bookings are made by the JBS for their clients who are traveling to the Iraq, Ethiopia. Ethiopia is one of the major places in Africa. This is having one of the richest historical heritages in the world and thousands of tourists used to visit every year and spend thousands of dollars for just coming and visiting this place. JBS solutions help the customers to visit this place and see this tourist attraction at best possible rate.

You can initiate your trip at our website and we will also be helping the clients to fill in their details and then the website will take care of all the services whatever the client wants. We will be 24*7 available to help you out.

Uninterrupted & reliable global
Aviation Service provider

Due to the fast running business environment generally, the men wants to rely on those aviation services that will lead him or help him to lead at the place where he is required to be as earliest and as easiest as possible. For this, the owner of the aircrafts and the operators want to select the services of those that not only ensure the safety but also the reliability of traveling experiences.

From past few years, there is an incredible boom of people that are relying on the services of the private aviation service provider i.e. Jet business solutions. There are various factors that are needed to be considered before choosing the services of any of them.

The first consideration that led in choosing the Aviation Service Providers is the comprehensive and uninterrupted support of 24×7 on the global basis. Various benefits that are resulted from selecting this type of service provider are lower down the fueling cost due to advantage in economies in larger scale. Flexibility in service selection will lead to paying only for those services that are chosen on the basis of the individual requirements.

The most important requirement that needs to be ensured is the highest standards of the aircraft maintenance before flying any aircraft. Because various lives depend upon this factor and the Jet aviation services provider ensures and delivers the entire range of maintenance service. Saving money and lives through the regular inspection of the aircraft maintenance. FAA regulates the inspection maintenance services of the aircraft. As aircrafts are subject to the air pressures and the oil pills or some other kind of the environmental disasters, it is essential that aircraft cleansing is done on a regular basis for ensuring the efficient service and performance from the machine.

The level of services and the quality of standard are also important factors that lead to choose best service providers. Due to inherent risk with lives in this kind of business, each and every day the best and the highest service providers are recommended.

Another important consideration in selecting the Aviation Service Providers is the flexible price structure and the bundle of services provided by them. As for this kind of services generally higher cost is expected because of the expertise required and the higher general cost of carrying on the business. But we at Jet business solutions, offers the flexible services that suit not only the individual requirement but also the pocket.

There are a number of service providers available in the aviation services, but due to the inherent potential risk involved in the respective field it is recommended to rely on the services of that provider that ensures the reliability in services and also certified by a recognized authority.

Every credible and the best aviation service providers will have FAA certification (similar local authorization) that ensures the efficiency and the potential of the line. The goodwill, reputation earned on basis of the services provided performance in the respective field and glorifying past records is self-evident of the credible services of the unit.

Iraq Airspace to re-open
for overflights

ORBB/Baghdad FIR Overflights of Iraq may be allowed to restart within the upcoming week, permitting international carriers entrance once again to numerous formerly heavily used ways through the eastern side of the Baghdad FIR.

Further, the report mentioned that in May 2017, SFAR 77 forbidden the US operators to operate inside Iraqi airspace but it failed and got was replaced by Notam KICZ in October 2017, which had almost the same wording.

Nevertheless, on October 3rd, Iraq released a latest Notam- A0477/17 with a new constrained area in the northwest of the FIR, from Surface to FL460. They withdraw the aforementioned restricted areas 601 and 701.

Due to this re-shuffling of the constrained airspace, the route for two chief international air routes has been reopened, naming UM860 and UM688. These routes were readjusted in April 2017, for the same purpose, letting the operators an additional way options through the Middle East to Europe and vv.

There is an expectation by FSB regarding an official announcement soon, thus the operators will be further updated. OpsGroup members will be directly notified.

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Plan Your Flight Efficiently
with JBS

JBS is an aviation service provider and it has the potential to fulfill almost all of the aviation requirements of its clients including Flight planning, refueling, travels and transports to and from the airport etc.

The following is a summary of what you need to know:

1.Flight plans to file

A unique operating requirement is required for every trip, the pilot in command (PIC) must individually go to the airport office to sign the flight plan. The airport office then notifies air traffic control (ATC) of the listed departure. If an improvement is needed to a validated flight plan, it’s important for the PIC to once again individually visit the airport office to file the revision. Be knowledgeable that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) does not acknowledge any flight to fly directly to non-airports of entry.

2.Pre-trip planning

Once your landing permit has been accepted by CAA, and a clearance number provided, ATC acknowledges the flight, and you’ll be presumed at a given date/time. After CAA allows a landing permit, ATC will be able to observe this on their record of aircraft permitted to land during a given span of time. Be mindful, however, that the crew must report the permit number to ATC before landing.

3.Deviation from flight plans

From our experience, ATC tolerates a lag of up to approximately one hour from departing time on filed flight plans. If your schedule is delayed ATC usually requires the PIC to sign individually and file a new flight plan, but with JBS can handle this for you.

4.Flight Planning

With hundreds of various flight plan formats accessible, we can tailor the system to satisfy your needs; we can arrange ATC flight plans worldwide, and monitor consequent slots to decrease ground delays.

Our Complete Flight Plan Package introduces as standard a full computerized flight plan. Our teams of professional at JBS are certified dispatchers who love to deliver the best to their customers. You can contact us anytime. We are available 24/7 and 367 days. Over the two decades of our presence, we have expanded our reach to a wide network of airports.

Associated flight planning tools – services include:

  • JBS planning includes drift down analysis within the computerized flight plan.
  • Detailed overflight price analysis service so you can estimate / pre-plan accordingly.
  • Route analysis based on average monthly winds.
  • Significant weather brief.
  • Executions and airport analysis.
  • Flow management and airport slots follow-up.
  • EN route, Arrival & Departure Charts.