Latest Flight Operations Updates


There are now 5-6 parking slots available for GA/BA at Koh Samui, so if VTSP/Phuket is full, try here.


Runway repair work at Atlanta’s second airport will continue through to the end of Dec. They’ve updated their original plan - now the main runway 03R/21L will remain open for arrivals throughout most of this period, just with a reduced LDA of 4551 feet. All the details are here:


Parking restrictions are in effect for GA - if you want to stay for longer than 3 hours, you’ll have to go park over in the Open Air Hangar (OAH) area, rather than just on the apron as before. Expect around USD2000 USD per 24 hours, and a mandatory towing charge of USD300 USD each way.


Although security staff at the airport are planning a 24hr strike on Sep 4 over a pay dispute, the airport has said there will be no disruption to flights.


Changes to Mexican CAA law mean that Part 135/Charter operators are now allowed to carry up to a maximum 19 passengers, instead of 15 as before. If you carry 20 or more you will be treated as Part 121. This amendment applies to both Mexican and foreign operators. So now charter operators can enter Mexico with 19 or less passengers without being treated as a Part 121.


Strike planned from 5-9z & 17-21z on Aug 24 by ATSEP staff, the people who manage and maintain ATC systems and equipment across Greece - so not the air traffic controllers themselves. There’s a Notam out on it, but Eurocontrol do not expect any direct impact on air traffic.


In a breach of the secure area of the airport on 03Aug, hundreds of supporters of a political party, mostly on motorbikes, invaded the runway and apron, circling aircraft and preventing the use of the airport. A video shows the impact filmed from the cockpit as the crew complain to ATC.


Rwy 16L/34R will be closed for repairs from Aug 26 to Nov 23. During this period, the plan is to use 16R/34L for arrivals only, and 16C/34C as the primary departure runway. As there will only be a single departure runway available, expect delays during peak departure periods.