Latest Flight Operations Updates


Having escaped Typhoon Soulik which passed Japan to the south, Typhoon Cimaron is expected to make landfall in southern mainland Japan late on Aug 23. RJOB/Okayama and RJOA/Hiroshima airports are in the path of the storm, and both showing gusting winds of up to 60kts on the TAFs. The storm is forecast to track over the region before entering the Sea of Japan on Aug 24.


Despite most of the flood waters being pumped out, authorities have decided to push the reopening of the airport by three more days to Aug 29. There were concerns of not being able to mobilise enough manpower in time - both airport staff and repair crews. All of the 800 runway lights need refitting. About 2600m of the airport’s perimeter walls are damaged, as are the airport’s power storage facility and circuits. Most commercial flights are now using VOTV/Trivendrum, VOCL/Calicut, or VOCC/Cochin Naval Base.


The airport will be closed from 0930-1050 local time on Aug 23 for a full-scale plane crash exercise.


Disruption expected from Aug 23-26 due to Typhoon Soulik, which is forecast to pass just west of Jeju Island early on Aug 23 with gusting winds of up to 100kts, before weakening slightly as it tracks north just off the west coast of the mainland towards Seoul. All the major airports in the region, including RKPC/Jeju, RKJB/Muan and RKJK/Gunsan, are showing severe gusting winds on the TAFs. No airport closures have been announced yet, but that may change. Double-check with your handler before operating.


The airport and surrounding airspace will be closed from 9-10.30 local time each day on Aug 27-31, to prepare for the country's National Day flypast on Aug 31. Around 100 flights are likely to be delayed or rescheduled each day, which will cause congestion later in the day.


Increased congestion expected as the airport’s primary arrival runway 17C/35C is now completely closed for repair until Nov 17. The airport has published great guidance on what to expect during this period, and which runways will most likely be in use:


Runway repairs from Aug 27 - Sep 6 mean the airport will be closed each night from midnight to 0600 local. Not usable as an alternate, or for emergencies.


A 7.3 magnitude earthquake hit Venezuela’s northeast coast late on Aug 21. Authorities have reported minor damage to infrastructure, and no injuries or deaths. The tremor was also felt in nearby Trinidad and Tobago, and as far as Colombia's capital Bogota, where SKBO/Bogota airport was briefly closed.